vendredi 16 juin 2017

Friends - Sparklers DT

Hello Creatives,
Here I am with a layout for my Scrappy Friday. This time, thinking back about the 80's-90's, I decided to get my inspiration from my favorite TV series at that time, the one I was so delighted to watch in English, as I was studying English at University in order to become a teacher....
What an amazing way to learn a foreign language and a foreign culture!

 Just like in the series, we're 6 friends and I must confess each time we meet, we feel like we're as old as we were in the nineties....
I like the way the Spiegelmomscraps Corky Cumulus and Cloudy Days Felties give some lightness to my page.... And they totally sum up the atmosphere when the 6 of us meet!

 And what about you, what was your favorite series at that time?
See you next week for my next Scrappy Friday!
Love from France,
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