vendredi 1 septembre 2017

Artsy Fartsy @Spiegelmomscraps - Blog Hop - Sparklers DT

Bonjour à tous,Hello Creatives!

Ce mois-ci, chez Spiegelmomscraps, nous sommes raides dingues d'Art et nous commençons ce mois ci avec un Blog Hop! 
This month at Spiegelmomscraps, we've decided to be Artsy Fartsy and to start the month with a Blog Hop.

Voici ma page, toute habillée des sequins Wild and Free, un nom prédestiné pour qui pense artistique LOL! 
 Here is my page, using the Wild and Free Sequins, which totally correponds to our state of mind when we create!

Sur cette page, j'ai tenté de lister les différents bénéfices de l'Art sur notre vie, bien sûr ma liste est loin d'être exhaustive!
In this page, I tried to list the benefits or Art on our lives. No doubt my list can be completed!

J'ai aussi mélangé plusieurs techniques artistiques : De la texture paste (The Shimmerz Tree-Hugger Pate-eez), des encres, des tampons, ainsi que divers embellissements, parmi lesquels des embellissements en liège,  des embellissements bois et des badges.
I also mixed different types of art: Paints (The Shimmerz Tree-Hugger Pate-eez, inks, stamps) as well as different embellishments amongst them some Cork Die Cuts, wood veneers, and flairs.

Cliquez ICI pour découvrir une autre page de la Sparklers Team!
A très vite pour un nouveau Scrappy Friday!
Now time for you to discover the next page of our Sparklers team!
See you soon for another Scrappy Friday!

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21 commentaires:

  1. What a great mix of embellishments, sequins, wood veneer, stencil, paint, lovely!

  2. I love this layout Christine!! It is so cool!! I love taking that art journal concept and apply it to a layout, because sometimes as a scrapbooker you just want a fun, layout that says how you feel about things like art, in a fun way.

  3. Great layout that doesn't have a photo! I love that!

  4. Oui! My only French word, LOL. It's beautiful!

    1. Don't worry Sharon, my blog is bilingual!!! Thanks for leaving a comment in my mother tongue. It is very kind <3 And thanks for your compliments!

  5. Love this layout!! All the fun elements and the sequin mix you chose just make everything pop!

  6. NO PHOTO!! AND IT'S STUNNING! This is so cool Christine!!!

  7. Your projects are so fun and inspiring!

  8. So creative and artsy!! It looks like you had fun creating it😍